Add Products to Cart Action

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The 'Add Product(s) to Cart' action can be set by first selecting an element, and then selecting the 'Add Product(s) to Cart' option within the 'Set Actions' menu.

Adding new Products

To add additional products to the cart campaign, simply click on the 'Add New Product' button within the product menu.

There are two methods to add products onto your campaign; from a dynamically displayed product set that already exists on your campaign, or simply finding new products through a manual search.

  1. To add products with the displayed product set, select the 'From Displayed Product Set' option and simply select the product set from a dropdown of existing ones that you've created in this campaign.

  2. To add products with a manual search, simply click on the 'New Product' option and search for your desired product using the filters available.

  3. Once products have been added through either method, you are able to edit which products are actually added to the cart. This can be done by simply checking the box in the 'Add to Cart?' column.

Last updated on 3rd Sep 2019