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Oneiric Hockey

Sports apparel company Oneiric Hockey tested different engagement strategies to convert visitors into email subscribers. A branded Aiva overlay that popped up at an opportune time significantly increased sign-ups and revenue.


Win the Perfect Oneiric Pair

Oneiric Hockey is an award-winning hockey apparel brand founded by passionate entrepreneurs. They built the optimal pair of hockey pants that are easy to wear, provide the necessary protection and save players time when they’re preparing for the big game. They’ve been on Dragon’s Den and landed a deal with some of the savviest investors in Canada.

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" Aiva has improved our website engagement significantly. People are spending more time on our site, the emails collected through their platform perform way better than our other lists and the designs look amazing. We would definitely recommend Aiva for any e-commerce store who wants to improve their conversion rate! "

Emily Rudow, Co-Founder, Oneiric Hockey

The Goal

The Oneiric team wanted to offer a special incentive to their visitors to win a daily giveaway for their signature product.


The Solution

Visitors were already coming to the website to learn more about the product, but offering them the chance to win a pair in exchange for their email was something they couldn’t refuse. By using clever marketing tactics, the Oneiric team was able to offer anyone who didn’t win a free pair a small discount which in-turn led to more conversions and sales.

Unlike other conversion tools, Aiva excels at converting mobile visitors. This was the especially true for Oneiric where a high percentage of their traffic originated and converted from mobile devices.

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