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Slide-ins are a non intrusive way of engaging with website visitors and appear on the side of their screens. They are more likely to draw attention than a bar or banner since they include an animation when triggered. Slide-ins are a great way to intercept visitors when they're consuming a lot of content.

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Bars provide a full-width message that typically overlays at the top or bottom of your website. If you want a subtle way of encouraging sign-ups or click throughs to a product page, bars are a great solution. Bars created on Aiva can appear at any point in the user journey, so you can test whether displaying right away or after some time works best for your site!

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Tabs are a multi-step optin solution that provide a non-intrusive starting point for campaigns that expands into a bigger call to action. Make your tabs have catchy messaging to ensure that it's interacted with.

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Pop-ups, also known as modals or lightboxes typically display in the middle of your website. Try pairing a pop-up with a special discount or giveaway to encourage visitors to enter their email address before navigating away.

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Splash Pages

Splash pages function differently from other overlay types since they typically take over an entire website. These pages are a great landing spot for adword campaigns as they can provide visitors with a specific call to action. Once the engagement is complete, navigate visitors to your website so they can continue browsing without I interrupting their experience.

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Thank You Pages

After someone fills out a form, they will be shown a customizable thank you page. This can reveal gated content, discount codes or links. Light up your campaign with some fireworks for a spectacular finish to your lead collection efforts!

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