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Snuggle Bugz

Snuggle Bugz is one of Canada’s largest Baby stores. They’ve been giving expert advice about infant-care since 2006 and are now one of the largest e-commerce brands providing everything parents need to successfully raise their bundle of joy. Their Website Story non-intrusively surfaced a new product line using a video highlight that boosted sales!


Vista Stroller Video Highlights

With the launch of their new premium baby product, the 2018 Vista Stroller, Snuggle Bugz needed a way to show visitors the new features in a visual format. They had a single promotional video which demonstrated the awesome features, but was too long for users to sit through.

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" A Website Story is a creative way to educate my visitors and was easy to set up. The Aiva Conversion Team takes the time to understand your website’s objectives and crafts a beautiful Story that delivers results! "

Jonathan G, Digital Marketing Expert


Promoting a New Product

Snuggle Bugz wanted to show off the features of their new product with an interactive video experience on their website.



Video Highlights Website Story

Snuggle Bugz wanted to promote the Vista Stroller, but didn't want to annoy visitors. The Aiva Website Story was the perfect solution. It appeared after the user had spent some time browsing the website, sliding in and prompting the visitor to learn more about their new product.

Once clicked on, it took over more of the screen, auto playing a muted video in easily consumable sections so interested customers could browse the key features accompanied by relevant creative assets. With 15% of visitors watching at least one video and an influx of page views and purchases that would not have taken place otherwise, their Website Story was a massive success!

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