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Meet the Aiva Designer

It's as simple as Paint and powerful as Photoshop.

Choose the best way to engage your customers by picking a goal for your campaign and customize one of our 200+ templates to perfectly match your website's branding. Or start from scratch to unleash your creativity with in-line videos, emojis, one-click subscribe buttons and more awesome tools.

Multiflow Games

Aiva Website Stories

Create flows by linking campaigns to build interactive experiences for your website, within minutes.

Try creating games, quizzes, multi-step contact forms, feedback forms or even site walkthroughs. Website Stories gives your visitors a fun way to interact with your website while collecting leads for your business, it's a win-win!

Multiflow Games
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Aiva Targeting/Triggers

Serve personalized designs to visitors at opportune times.

Target visitors with calls to action at various points while they're browsing your website. This can be based on where in the world they're visiting from, what time of day it is, how many pages they've browsed or what website referred them. Trigger campaigns based on where users click, hover or scroll without ever touching a line of code!

Multivariate Testing Graphic

Optimize on the fly with Multivariate Testing

Test designs, targeting, triggers and more.

Determine what design or message resonates most with your audience using Aiva's testing features. Change the frequency each campaign displays at and track the stats of its performance with our in-depth analytics dashboard.

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Dynamic Coupon Tool Graphic

Dynamic Coupon Tool

Reveal unique offers to visitors after they've subscribed or engaged on social.

Easily configure your coupon list and allow visitors to win coupons after completing an engagement goal. Get notified automatically when your coupons are running low so you can replenish and track their usage.

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Aiva fits in seamlessly with the workflows you know and love.

Sync new contacts automatically with your favorite CRM with Zapier or our native MailChimp integration. Aiva sends events automatically to Google Analytics so you can track how your campaigns help convert visitors on your website from Adwords.

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We're only one click away and eager to help!

Benefit from our world-class support team whos always available to answer your questions. During support hours, you'll get a response within half an hour to your request and have the answers you need. We also have step-by-step walkthroughs in the Aiva Academy to help you every step of the way.

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