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How does Aiva work?

With one line of code, Aiva gives you total control of your website to deploy dynamic campaigns and get in-depth analytics all for free.

Does Aiva work with Wordpress?

Yes Aiva can easily integrate with any Wordpress website. You can find out more here.

What kind of conversion goals can Aiva accomplish?

Whether you want to build your email list, drive more sales, promote your social media page or even get more reads on a recent blog post. Aiva makes it easy with over 200 starting templates.

How much extra load time will Aiva add to my site?

Aiva will only run after your website is loaded, so there’s no risk of slowdowns.

Can Aiva have a negative impact on SEO?

To implement changes on any page, Aiva uses javascript that's not readable by any bots.Therefore, Google will always see the original page, which means that your SEO results will not be negatively influenced by Aiva. In fact images on our server actually improve your search ranking and show the text of your campaign in the results.

Is Aiva actually free?

Yes, we pride ourselves on helping small business owners easily make dynamic changes to their website and gather actionable analytics. We believe that the success of your online business shouldn’t depend on your ability to code.

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